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If you place robots in your processes to replace daily tasks, you can free up your employees time to be more creative and focus on your client’s needs. Servicetrace GmbH and Thomas Rode presented yesterday in a midsized company what they could achieve. If you want to digitalize and refocus on what it really matters, then we should have a conversation in order to elaborate on how to help you on the digital transformation journey. With the sideeffect that you are complying to #gdpr and #sustainablity. Listen to my tips in the video below. #innovation#futurebuilt

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Excited to be present @ the festival. Startups need to connect with corporate companies. Through the great program and atmosphere we are able to connect to investors and interested people of changing the world. Sustainable goals are as important than meaning and economic growth.

#digitalwellness#4gamechangers in Vienna

Purpose-driven entrepreneurs finding solutions for global problems discussed at the deep dive stage within a panel moderated by Dejan Jovicevic. Looking forward to being part of it. Meet you there at the deep dive stage around 12.45 latest. #ai #blockchain #innovation #futurebuilt #digital #sustainablity

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In two days the #4gamechangers festival will start. I am very excited to talk in a panel of purpose led panel of innovators and startup with the same mindset. Sharing my two key points for purpose led innovation. Comments welcome. Do you want to change your culture in your company? Contact us.

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3 years to the date Helmut Degenhard invited me to an IoT talk to show what could be done in IoT with a real use case. I am grateful that he supported this journey with his vision for the greater good of people or human beings. A concept that was made with heart from Sonja Ledinsky. I would never imagined that a friendship like it could lead to such a great project. Thank you Olaf Müller and Konstantin Müller. IoT for #sustainibility and #humanfocus. Next week on the deep dive stage. #ai #blockchain #innovation #futurebuilt #iot #purposeledbrand #digital #digitalisierung #nachhaltigkeit

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#futurebuilt will be part of the show on the Deep Dive Stage. 9th April 2019 we will be part of the panel discussion of the role of purpose driven Start ups in todays business world. We are happy to discuss the responsibility we carry for the society and our future generations. Join us around 12 pm on the Deep Dive Stage. Hopefully we will be able to send a live video once the event is over. Looking forward to your comments and thoughts.

#digitalwellness want to build a content following? Try these content strategies: tip #11 Humor

In our niche, our highest performing articles are how-to guides and funnily enough, collections of memes. Sometimes giving your consumer an opportunity to take a mental break instead of trying to cram ‘useful’ content down their throat will build positive brand associations, and they’ll be more likely to follow you. These days, everyone is trying to solve your problems to get you to notice them.

#digitalwellness want to build a content following? Try these content strategies: tip #10 Links to case studies

I find that case studies are especially good for attracting highly targeted followers. These may be people who are already customers or who are likely to sign up for our services. Case studies, either showcasing our products or something relevant to our industry, provide decision-makers with tangible proof that something works.

#digitalwellness want to build a content following? Try these content strategies: tip #9 Content that solves problems

My goal is to solve one person’s problem a day; this helps me win trust and rapport for my brand. This also gets them to recommend me and help build my community when I have started from scratch. At the same time, I am doing what I have always intended to do which is deliver value. When you deliver value, you will win a new audience every time. Solve a problem a day.

#digitalwellness want to build a content following? Try these content strategies: tip #8 Content that shows vulnerability

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Whether as brands or individuals, there’s obvious value in creating content that shares expertise and thought leadership. I’’m always surprised by how much more people respond to questions or stories that show genuine vulnerability (e.g., the struggle that led to X versus just X by itself).