#digitalwellness embrace #ai into your business model

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#digitalwellness #howtotransform your business susccessfully. Tips of the day.

#gastronomy #digitaltransformation small steps mean the world for growth

Looking forward to telling you more about my xperience for a new enhanced digital customer journey for food lovers. Bernhard Kloucek made a big impact on Sales with small steps. Now we amplify this on another level through small and little steps into the digital world. What for a small client could be a leapfrog step, means the world to the employees and their revenue growth. Are you next in fascinating instead of selling? Join us on the journey to more sales. Contact us. #innovation #selling #digital #futurebuilt #ai

#agile #innovation #humanfirst #4gamechangers It always starts in your mind

No matter what size your company is, it starts with a culture change. Otherwise, digital transformation is not happening. If you start your journey that this thought into your consideration. Through our triple C concept, we coach you from start to finish of your first transformation project. It is a journey, not a destination. #blockchain #ai #iot #futurebuilt #sustainibility

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Excited to be present @ the festival. Startups need to connect with corporate companies. Through the great program and atmosphere we are able to connect to investors and interested people of changing the world. Sustainable goals are as important than meaning and economic growth.

#digitalwellness #4gamechangers #purposeled innovations

3 years to the date Helmut Degenhard invited me to an IoT talk to show what could be done in IoT with a real use case. I am grateful that he supported this journey with his vision for the greater good of people or human beings. A concept that was made with heart from Sonja Ledinsky. I would never imagined that a friendship like it could lead to such a great project. Thank you Olaf Müller and Konstantin Müller. IoT for #sustainibility and #humanfocus. Next week on the deep dive stage. #ai #blockchain #innovation #futurebuilt #iot #purposeledbrand #digital #digitalisierung #nachhaltigkeit

#digitalwellness #4gamechangers #changemakertalk in the HAK13 in Vienna

Real game changing talks you get when you address yourself in front of the future clients of yours. #futurebuilt had the chance to talk in front of 20 Students around 15-18 years old and the experience was amazing. Talking about the Vision of entrepreneurs, what impact a business plan can have and what in real life you need to take care about. It was a pleasure to share knowledge and get the thought of young people or future entrepreneurs from Austria. Looking forward to the next ones.

#digitalwellness amplify your business through #sustainable #digitalization

#digitalwellness amplify your business through #sustainable #digitalization

On Women’s day we are happy to celebrate the brandnew #zukunftscafé where we discuss #sustainibility and #digitalization. Is this contreversional? How does it fit in our society? What is your take away for a company? Should I have both in mind or can one topic push the other. We are happy to give you some advice through this new channel. #futurebuilt achieving digital leadership through prototyping

#digital wellness habit #2 for highly successful businesses

#digital wellness habit #2 for highly successful businesses

2. Constantly rethink business practices. Is “the way it’s always been done” still the best way to do it? Like competitors, market leaders are always asking themselves this question. 

#futurebuilt has reinvented themselves during the 5 years of existence in order to live and breath what we consult to clients. Are you ready for the journey? Looking forward to get in touch with you. If you need a prototype in blockchain, artificial intelligence or augmented reality we are able to create a new business case and show the use cases we have made already.