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No matter what size your company is, it starts with a culture change. Otherwise, digital transformation is not happening. If you start your journey that this thought into your consideration. Through our triple C concept, we coach you from start to finish of your first transformation project. It is a journey, not a destination. #blockchain #ai #iot #futurebuilt #sustainibility

#4gamechangers #ai #blockchain #iot #innovation #futurebuilt #sustainablity´╗┐

It is important to fascinate and not to sell services or products. When have you done it latetly? Would like to have coaches for doing so? How can you fascinate through digitalization? Bernhard Kloucek and myself are happy to consult you on the fascinating journey of digitalization of a customer journey.

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#4gamechangers festival in vienna. Panel discussion purpose driven solutions for tackling global problems.

Discussion about how startup can help in solving global chanllenges. Tip #1 follw the SDG of the UN. It makes the world a better place. Tip #2 care about the meaning and then the economical goal will follow.

Want to discuss SDG goals within your company and what purposeled and meaning could be of use for you? contact us.

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Excited to be present @ the festival. Startups need to connect with corporate companies. Through the great program and atmosphere we are able to connect to investors and interested people of changing the world. Sustainable goals are as important than meaning and economic growth.

#digitalwellness #4gamechangers #purposeled

In two days the #4gamechangers festival will start. I am very excited to talk in a panel of purpose led panel of innovators and startup with the same mindset. Sharing my two key points for purpose led innovation. Comments welcome. Do you want to change your culture in your company? Contact us.

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Through the Industry meets maker platform founded by Sandra Stromberger, we were able to present once more the #futurebuilt #aquarius project #waterforeveryone. It is so important that well established companies are working with startup or smaller agile organisations. #futurebuilt had the honor to built that project with #nokia. We are delighted to present in more detail next week at the #4gamechangers festival in vienna for a panel discussion on the 09.04 for purpose driven startups at 12:40 deep dive stage and on the 10.04 for the speaker slot water for everyone on the deep dive stage around 3pm. Looking forward to meet a lot of people who wants to join to make the world a little better. Follow us on twitter, instagram, facebook, linkedin or xing. Achieving digital leadership through prototyping.

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Workshop at the WU Vienna with Stakeholders from Startups, Institutions and well-known companies. Very interesting to see that our future depends not on technology but a mindset change. Are you a #4gamechangers? Don’t worry if you are not. Contact us and we help you to be one. #innovation #futurebuilt #purposeledbrand #digital #sustainablity #creatingthanks to Andreas Straub, MBA, Stephan KarpischekLukas Hecke for the exchange and on views of the use cases. Thanks to Tatjana Novakovic for organizing the super event. It was very useful.

#digitalwellness #4gamechanger

#futurebuilt will be part of the show on the Deep Dive Stage. 9th April 2019 we will be part of the panel discussion of the role of purpose driven Start ups in todays business world. We are happy to discuss the responsibility we carry for the society and our future generations. Join us around 12 pm on the Deep Dive Stage. Hopefully we will be able to send a live video once the event is over. Looking forward to your comments and thoughts.