We believe in customer journey for #retail. Every touch point could be of help for stores to serve their clients better. Combined the experience from Touchpoint and Futurebuilt technical architecture we were able to create the most advanced customer journey in Austria. Through a lengthy POC we are now getting in the phase of a roll-out for hundreds of stores and scaling into new use cases for DACH. Get in touch with us if you want to know more.

#RPA #APM and #testautomation are not only buzzwords, but a real use case in many enterprise and midsized companies. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) gives human creativity back, as repetitive tasks are sometimes boring and much better done by machines. The times you get back can be used to focus more on your clients. Gartner testified that Servicetrace is in the top quadrant of the RPA in the world. As part of the software suite, application performance monitoring (APM) is integrated in the life cycle. We just ask you to answer 9 questions through the tool and we can analyse what processes should be automated and what impact it would have in your company.

As digitalisation is about culture and human beings more than technology we are happy to partner with Bernhard. Together we focus on getting our clients more profitable, at least 20% more revenue. We have a proven track record in diverse verticals and are able to fascinate people to new business models and make it sticky. As after technology is implemented and a new business model implemented, we help you to do it to achieve digital leadership.