Healthcare App

Be our Guest, not our Patient

A healthcare app guides patients through the hospital. The app functions as a calendar and navigation device in one. Users always see their current examination stations, location, route and therapy appointments on their smartphones. The app also adapts to the needs of the patients, e.g. if someone is in a wheelchair, the app suggests the best route and shows where lifts are located. The app has been developed for all age groups and especially for non-technical people, i.e. anyone can use the app quickly and easily.


Defined workflows and integrations using collaboration tools help to structure factory processes. Digital twins can be created using Augmented Reality. These enable a comprehensive data exchange. They are more than just data and consist of models of the process or object. An interaction with the real twins is possible and thus products, services, production facilities and processes can be well represented.

Electronics Müller & Söhne GmbH

Global market opportunities through IoT/software intelligence

This medium-sized German company decided years ago to expand its core business of electrical installations to include solar products.

In order to meet the company’s desire for scaling and globalisation, we came to the conclusion during the potential analysis that it was necessary to develop a new product line that included IoT capability. The result was a self-sufficient water treatment plant based on solar energy using a wide range of sensor technology with the possibility of data evaluation by Artificial Intelligence for the ongoing development and optimisation of the product.



New Retail business model

Customers have a special shopping experience through a combination of video security, electronic price signs, digital signage and Wifi6 with Artificial Intelligence.

This not only increases your sales, but also provides you with new opportunities to promote products for your manufacturers. By placing advertising in every shop, we provide you with real-time data for the manufacturers’ marketing. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence you also have the opportunity to place personalised advertising.