High-tech solutions for drinking water in Africa

Futurebuilt is the name of the company that Alexander Ramseier founded four years ago. With the start of self-employment, the economist and IT specialist has become a digitization consultant who helps his customers to successfully shape the way into the future. He made valuable contacts through the Swiss Business Hub Austria.

Solarbetriebene Geräte zur Aufbereitung von Trinkwasser

It was not an everyday situation for Alexander Ramseier when he presented himself and his range of services at the Business Leader Event, an event organized by the Swiss Business Hub Austria in Vienna, in September 2017. But the charismatic son of a Swiss engineer and an Indian-born Portuguese, who grew up in Africa and Asia, is able to captivate visitors: with the range of services from “Futurebuilt”, the start-up he founded four years ago.

“Our range of services consists of accompanying companies on their way into the digital future,” says the digitization consultant and continues: “It is important to me to see people in the foreground, to listen to them and to recognize what they want and what they do needs to find the best solution for him in the jungle of many new possibilities. ” This can be an application or a new business model. “I look together with the customer to see what is technologically possible and then select the right partners to implement the solution.” He is supported by a core team of freelance specialists – programmers and technicians as well as a psychologist and a financial expert.

Targeted use of artificial intelligence

Futurebuilt is still under construction, but Alexander Ramseier has already completed the first successful projects. A project for the production of clean drinking water has become a matter close to the heart of the cosmopolitan who has been living in Vienna for several years. “For me it is important that my work not only brings financial success, but also benefits for people in disadvantaged regions.” For a small company in Thuringia, Futurebuilt developed a business model for the use of water treatment devices in Africa – naturally with integrated intelligence so that defects can be registered and rectified. The devices are not sold, but offered as service subscriptions – this guarantees the manufacturer a regular income, and a small business can be generated for the rural population by treating drinking water on site. In cooperation with an Austrian aid organization, some countries in Africa are now being equipped with such devices across the board.

An important role for the Swiss embassy

Back to the Business Leaders Event in Vienna. How did it come about that the Swiss start-up found itself in the Swiss embassy? Alexander Ramseier looks back: “I was contacted by the head of the Swiss Business Hub Austria when I presented the water treatment model at the IOT exhibition – she noticed my Swiss accent …”. Finally, she invited Ramseier to the said occasion at the Swiss embassy. And even if the latter has not (yet) brought him any specific orders: Ramseier is full of praise for the service of the Business Hub: “I have found new perspectives for our products and made interesting contacts – that is just as valuable as direct financial success . “