Our partners


As a consultant we are listed in the partner network of CEYOND. CEYOND accompanies you with versatile expertise in digital marketing, consulting and IT services through all digital challenges and offers you customized solutions in the areas of business development and CRM. CEYOND’s experts combine the expertise of IT, marketing and management to develop innovative and customized solutions for their customers. They cover a wide range of topics in various industries and have the right consulting team for every challenge.


Since digitization is more about culture and people than technology, we are happy to work with Bernhard. Together we focus on making our customers more profitable and generating at least 20% more revenue. We have a proven track record in various industries and are able to fascinate people for new business models and make them successful. Once the technology has been implemented and a new business model is in place, we help you achieve digital leadership.


Every touch point might be helpful for business to better serve your customers. Through the accumulated experience of Touchpoint and Futurebuilt we have been able to create the most advanced Customer Journey in Austria. Through a long POC we are now in the phase of a roll-out for several stores and scaling into new use cases for the DACH space.

For further details please don’t hesitate to write us.