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Over the years, we have learned that most of our customers implement technology without knowing exactly what is happening in their organization. We provide data insights to help them make decisions about how to use technology and prepare for market changes. We support you in developing new  business models. We focus on people. It is very important that the applied technology is accepted by the people using it.



Technology is more than an abstract concept associated with progress. It also shapes the way societies and people behave, grow and develop, both in their own lives and in their relationships with others. While technology has evolved over the millennia in which people exist, the last century has seen an explosion of technology has influenced subtle but decisive changes in the way people see the world and interact with others. The Internet and mobile devices in particular have radically changed the way we interact.

Technology has helped to bridge a global gap in the era of globalization. This bridge has enabled a multitude of people to learn about the world and connect with others in ways previously impossible. It has greatly improved communication worldwide, increased the efficiency of transportation and other personal and business tasks, and thus enabled people all over the world to connect with others in powerful, albeit new ways.



We support you with government funding both as a company and as a public employer.

KMU Digital

KMU DIGITAL is the digitization funding program for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Austria. With KMU DIGITAL, the Ministry for Digitization and Business Location (BMDW) in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ) supports Austrian companies in taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization and mastering the challenges associated with it.

Innovationsfödernde Öffentliche Beschaffung

Innovation-supporting public procurement
The service centre of the PSI supports public clients on their way to a more efficient future that is closer to the citizens. The various services are available free of charge to public clients. You will be advised on the anchoring of innovation within your organisation and you will be helped to find first steps. With the PSI innovation platform http://www.ioeb-innovationsplattform.at, the PSI service centre offers you a digital showcase towards the public sector. Submit your innovative product or service to the marketplace for innovation or take part in a challenge!

Austria Wirtschaftsservice

With AWS First Inkubator, no more obstacles stand in the way of young, innovative people with an entrepreneurial spirit starting their first own business with Austria Wirtschaftsservice. With professional coaching and financial support, the AWS First-Community and a network of experts, the AWS will always be at your side with help and advice.

Vienna Business Agency

The Vienna Business Agency supports Viennese companies with funds from the City of Vienna. The monetary subsidies are aimed at all Viennese companies of different sizes and from different sectors: from services and local supply to research and innovation to the creative industries.

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