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A coach is someone who instructs and trains a team or person. Coaching is a critical competency for today’s leaders, but not every leader knows how to be a better coach. Without knowledge of how to coach, a leader will be at a disadvantage. Coaching has been shown to deliver a number of benefits including:

  • Increased performance
  • Communication skills
  • Better work relationships
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Reduce turnover

Before coaching one of your team members, it is important that you have a positive relationship with the person. The greater the rapport between you and your team member, the more trust the coachee will have in working with you. As trust is built, the coaching process will progress quicker and be more effective.

Once you’ve established a good rapport, share why your coaching will be important to the coachee. Reinforce to him that coaching is about growth, development, and learning by focusing on the future and not past performance. The goal will be to develop him to his full potential and ultimately open up new career opportunities.

#futurebuilt provides you the benefit of coaching skills for 3 trends: #artificialintelligence #blockchain #augmentedreality. As we delivered many use cases where a new business model is driving growth. Trust us and get us on board in building an agile organisation for innovation.

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