#digitalwellness 4 effective tactics to give yourself a perspective #4 tactic

foto credit (c) Felix Gottwald

Make a list of what you are happy about in your life.  Think of what you value and aspects of your life that you appreciate and are truly grateful for.  Put this list somewhere where you can easily view it- on the fridge or cupboard door.  This is a powerful reminder of the positive things in your life and helps with perspective.

Perspective is largely about seeing and accepting yourself and your place in the world as it is, without judgement.  It’s about “seeing the wood for the trees” and allowing ourselves to realise, value and appreciate elements that we so often can take for granted in the daily routines of busy lives.  It helps to alleviate unnecessary stress, anger, anxiety and worry, while cultivating a positive mindset, proactive behaviours, understanding, tolerance… and ultimately happiness and fulfilment. #futurebuilt helps to make a list of what your are unhappy in your company. consult us.

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