#ecopartners Use your data from yesterday in order to be successful tomorrow. Predictive analytics can bring maintenance or product development forward. #innovation #futurebuilt #transformyourbusiness

#digitalwellness #transformyourbusiness through 5G? A paradox? No, definitely mindblowing what you can do.

#agile #innovation #humanfirst #4gamechangers It always starts in your mind

No matter what size your company is, it starts with a culture change. Otherwise, digital transformation is not happening. If you start your journey that this thought into your consideration. Through our triple C concept, we coach you from start to finish of your first transformation project. It is a journey, not a destination. #blockchain #ai #iot #futurebuilt #sustainibility

#4gamechangers #ai #blockchain #iot #innovation #futurebuilt #sustainablity

It is important to fascinate and not to sell services or products. When have you done it latetly? Would like to have coaches for doing so? How can you fascinate through digitalization? Bernhard Kloucek and myself are happy to consult you on the fascinating journey of digitalization of a customer journey.

#4gamechangers #purposeled #innovations #waterforeveryone #HumanRights

#4gamechangers festival in vienna. Panel discussion purpose driven solutions for tackling global problems.

Discussion about how startup can help in solving global chanllenges. Tip #1 follw the SDG of the UN. It makes the world a better place. Tip #2 care about the meaning and then the economical goal will follow.

Want to discuss SDG goals within your company and what purposeled and meaning could be of use for you? contact us.

#digitalwellness #4gamechangers #IMM2019 #derbrutkasten #waterforeveryone #aquarius

Through the Industry meets maker platform founded by Sandra Stromberger, we were able to present once more the #futurebuilt #aquarius project #waterforeveryone. It is so important that well established companies are working with startup or smaller agile organisations. #futurebuilt had the honor to built that project with #nokia. We are delighted to present in more detail next week at the #4gamechangers festival in vienna for a panel discussion on the 09.04 for purpose driven startups at 12:40 deep dive stage and on the 10.04 for the speaker slot water for everyone on the deep dive stage around 3pm. Looking forward to meet a lot of people who wants to join to make the world a little better. Follow us on twitter, instagram, facebook, linkedin or xing. Achieving digital leadership through prototyping.

#digitalwellness #4gamechangers #purposeled innovations

3 years to the date Helmut Degenhard invited me to an IoT talk to show what could be done in IoT with a real use case. I am grateful that he supported this journey with his vision for the greater good of people or human beings. A concept that was made with heart from Sonja Ledinsky. I would never imagined that a friendship like it could lead to such a great project. Thank you Olaf Müller and Konstantin Müller. IoT for #sustainibility and #humanfocus. Next week on the deep dive stage. #ai #blockchain #innovation #futurebuilt #iot #purposeledbrand #digital #digitalisierung #nachhaltigkeit

#digitalwellness #4gamechangers #unblock3d Think another way, act upon. How Blockchain gives you different perspectives

A variety of companies set the stage for today’s workshop where we go further into details for the #futurebuilt project Aquarius. Yesterday presentations of use cases was mind changing as they were from different sectors: Fighting climate change, Fighting Hunger for the people in the world, IoT Solutions with Data Collection, Solving logistics, Helping Farmers to a new marketplace, Driving Insurance from the customer perspective, Creating a marketplace for donations and non profit organisations, incentives for human health, Incentives for lowering energy consumptions all using blockchain as underlying technology.

#futurebuilt is giving in a project for Round 4 #IMM2019 in Vienna

So proud to be part of this years edition. We just worked on the concept and Idea. We hope we can present the idea soon once the jury of the briefings has given their ok. Sandra Stromberger thanks for the exiting platform. Sonja Ledinsky you were an inspiration as always.

#digitalwellness 7 Fähigkeiten, die keine Maschine beherrscht, seven habits that a machine can’t learn

#digitalwellness 7 Fähigkeiten, die keine Maschine beherrscht, seven habits that a machine can’t learn

Die Ethik der Kommunikation hat sich auf im Digitalen Zeitalter nicht verändert. Ich komme aus einem Haus und Erziehung in welcher Respekt und Höflichkeit, sowohl gegenüber Mitmenschen und Familie sehr wichtig war und ist. Der Vater Schweizer und die Mutter Inderin mit portugiesischer Wurzeln haben dazu beigetragen. Wir sind International aufgewachsen und verschiedenen Kulturen zu begegnen, war bei uns zu Hause an der Tagesordnung.

Dies ist mit den Digitalen Medien, Prozessen und Alltag nicht anders. Nur die Jugendlichen und Ihr Weltbild hat sich geändert, deshalb auch Ihr Kommunikationsverhalten. Wir binden die neuen Kommunikationsarten und Kultur in unsere Digitalen Strategien für unsere Kunden ein. Wie das geht? Erfahren Sie dies in einem unverbindlichen Gespräch. #futurebuilt

www.futurebuilt.digital Ihr digitaler Coach wenn es um Trendthemen geht wie #AI #AR #VR #Blockchain #IoT #Security. Wir beraten Sie gerne.