#digitalwellness want to build a content following? Try these content strategies: tip #2 Content dedicated to special days

Holidays, both well-known and “weird,” hold universal appeal on the internet and have great potential to attract followers. I have found that posting and celebrating even little holidays, such as “Squirrel Appreciation Day” or “National Cheese Lover Day” delights all audiences. It also shows what causes are important to your brand. I also try to link them to one of my products or blogs. This works when there is a story behind. We like to help. #futurebuilt for purpose led #innovations.

#digitalwellness want to build a content following? Try these content strategies: tip #1 Contests

#digitalwellness want to build a content following? Try these content strategies: tip #1 Contests

Posting content that can be turned into a contest is a great way to gain new followers. For instance, you could post a photo, ask people to caption it and the winner gets a small prize, but to be eligible, you have to follow, like and share. Contests like this expose you to a ton of new users. People loves games and content. Therefore a gamification could be a real one. Are you on for a new digital strategy coaching? #futurebuilt is happy to help and share how we turn leads into customers for you. #humaninfocus


Text less – talk more. From baby birth to exam results, from breakups to proposals. It seems no communication is now too important not to be reduced to a text. This final resolution is very simple; resolve to text less and talk more in 2019. Consciously pick up the phone for important conversations and do the same when text exchanges are taking the place of face-to-face conversations just a little too much. It’s easier of cours, and quicker, to text. But the best things in life take time and effort- and rewarding relationships, on which our health and happiness depend, definitely fall into that camp.


Ditch the digital junk. We love the digital world. We love all the tools that make us useful and productive. But if you’re honest you know that using online banking or checking your destination on Google Maps isn’t where you’re wasting hours of your day. In 2019 make a resolution to treat your digital diet like your food diet. The first step in consuming healthily is to make sure you know what your personal ‘digital junk food’ looks like. Is it social media? is it e-mail? Maybe dating apps? Identify your personal digital junk and make a resolution to cut down, saving your screen time for those apps and functions which genuinely add value.


Charge your device in an another room. We’ve told you before about not sleeping with your phone but this digital wellbeing resolution takes that one step further and into the daytime. You probably have your phone always charging right next to you, so even if you’re trying to work or relax at home it’s never more than a few centimeters away, are we right? Make a healthy habit in 2019 of always charging it in another room form you. Overnight this would mean it’s outside the bedroom door. During the day it could be in the kitchen while you’re in the sitting room, or vice versa. It’s all part of building in the small boundries between you and your device that give you valuable screen time to unwind.


Spring clean your screen(s). This is a digital wellbeing resolution you can do right away. Take a critical look at your phone and all the apps screaming out for your attention. How many do you really, really use? Go through every folder and screen and delete all those that you downloaded once and never looked at again. Then organise apps into neat folders by name and set-up a hierarchy of usefulness. We suggest keeping tools on the homescreen and time-wasting apps on a second or third or last screens. If there are some you can’t bear to delete but you know cause you to waste hours online. Move them to the second page of any folder. That way you can’t see the little icons winking up at you when you check your phone – out of sight out of mind. #futurebuilt helps you to put the right focus for business transformation. It all starts with the human focus.

#digitalwellness 7 ways for a healthier digital wellbeing tip #3

No screen time on 1-2-1 your relationships will thank you. You can prompt change if you change yours. It’s called the ripple effect. Put your phone away without mentioning to others what you are doing and you will notice a big change. #futurebuilt coaches companies how to embrace digitalization and putting the human in focus. We love to help.

#digitalwellness 7 ways for a healthier digital wellbeing tip #2

Having lunch with no screen, might be utopia for some culture as I used to experience families watching TV while eating. It is a proven fact that eating is something you should enjoy and focus on. Your body and mind will thank you for that. In today’s times it is important that in companies with employees you can connect on a personal level or with younger generations. This tip is about doing it. No secret sauce, just put your phone away and start a conversation, simple as that. You May need several attempts if your counterpart is not used to having conversation, but fail often and fail fast and you will succeed. #futurebuilt helps you created that Culture of Trust and conversation. It is important for a transformational change. This is more #sustainable for your company.

#digitalwellness 7 ways to boost your digital 2019

Tipp #1 Monitor your Screen Time

There are on all sorts of devices screen monitor apps. Use them to control your screen time. Your health will thank you.

Today there are a lot of #automation tools for getting you smart work or repetitive task from #machines. #Humans are creative and we should be creative and go out to explore the #nature. This is #sustainable for your #wellbeing. #futurebuilt guides you through a #coaching program. We love to help. Interested? Get in touch with us, either your individual oder a company.

#digitalwellness amplify your business through #sustainable #digitalization

#digitalwellness amplify your business through #sustainable #digitalization

On Women’s day we are happy to celebrate the brandnew #zukunftscafĂ© where we discuss #sustainibility and #digitalization. Is this contreversional? How does it fit in our society? What is your take away for a company? Should I have both in mind or can one topic push the other. We are happy to give you some advice through this new channel. #futurebuilt achieving digital leadership through prototyping