#digital wellness habit #2 for highly successful businesses

2. Constantly rethink business practices. Is “the way it’s always been done” still the best way to do it? Like competitors, market leaders are always asking themselves this question. 

#futurebuilt has reinvented themselves during the 5 years of existence in order to live and breath what we consult to clients. Are you ready for the journey? Looking forward to get in touch with you. If you need a prototype in blockchain, artificial intelligence or augmented reality we are able to create a new business case and show the use cases we have made already.

#digitalwellness 7 habits of highly successful businesses

1. Create a culture of trust and encourage employees to speak up. Leading organizations empower workers and reward them for bringing potential opportunities and challenges to their attention. Front-line employees are often an enterprise’s most informed audience — to create and sustain competitive advantage, provide them the tools they need to translate ideas into action.

#futurebuilt can help to build that trust through rapid prototyping or artificial intelligence.

#digital wellness habit #7 of highly effective people, Sharpen the saw

The last, seventh habit of the seven habits of highly effective people is maintenance. This is the habit that tells you that are with improving yourself and perseverance. By taking plenty of exercise, rest, meditation, etcetera, you will keep your body, mind, relationships and spirituality in balance.

#futurebuilt keeping you in balance for achieving digital leadership through prototyping

#digital wellness habit #6 of highly effective people: Synergize

The sixth habit of the seven habits of highly effective people, that is required to achieve interdependence is synergizing. This means that your approach is fundamentally based on respect, cooperation and trust. This is the habit of strengthening. the pitfall is compromise. The objective is to find the third path: how can two paradoxes be combined into something better?

#futurebuilt can help you with that. Consult us. achieving digital leadership through prototyping

#digital wellness habit #5 Seek first to understand then to be understood, of highly effective people

Concentrate first on understanding the other person and then put energy into being understood. This is the habit of listening, one of the basic qualities of a leader.

Understanding the human being and the related situations of a company is our ability of achieving the digital leadership through prototyping. #futurebuilt we love to help

#digital wellness habit #4 Think win-win of highly effective people

This is the habit of the Paradox. Temptation is strong to think in terms of winning OR losing- or wanting to be right. The trick is to recognize that a paradox provides an opportunity to unite the poles. You will be independent but at the same time you realize that you can accomplish more by cooperating with other people. You know what you are worth, but you also realize that you need the other person and that it is important to give and receive love. You can accomplish this by thinking in terms of win-win. In case of conflicts you will always search for solutions that are fair to all parties and in which there are no losers.

We coach you to partner with others. We have been doing this since 5 years. Get our experience. #futurebuilt achieving digital leadership.

#digital wellness habit #3 Put first things first of highly effective people

This habit has to do with integrity, discipline, sticking to your agreements. What is life about, and how do you wish to shape your own life? Knowing this, you will get to work pro-actively while setting the right priorities. The second big step is that of independence to (self-selected) interdependence.

Would you like to achieve your (self-selected) interdependence? At your pace for creating a new strategy for digitalisation. Consult us. #futurebuilt achieving digital leadership through prototyping.

#digital wellness habit #2 of highly effective people, Begin with the end in Mind

This is the habit of vision, objectives, and mission. Beginning with the end in mind means that when you make decisions today you consistently take into consideration what you stand for ‘in general’. Habit 2 has to do with the principles and guidelines you choose to live by. You determine what you find important in life, what you stand for, what you want to accomplish.

Together it’s easier to define and a view from outside does reveal wonders. #futurebuilt sets the end game with you in mind. From TOP to POT, human first methodology. Consult us.

#digital wellness 7 habits of highly effective people, habit #1 be proactive

Pro activity has a lot to do with a person’s “circle of influence”. What you can control, what you can influence and what is out of your reach. Pro activity is strongly related to acknowledging your own responsibility and influence. The first big step that has to be taken is the step from dependence to independence. Here you will begin to determine your own life by using your own agenda. You are aware of the fact that you are the architect of your own life (habit 1 of the seven habits of highly effective people) and with this knowledge you set to work.

This is also important in digitalisation. We teach and coach you to success or making the first step in creating the way towards a new strategy. It all begins with you. From TOP to POT, our human first methodology. Contact us for more insights of how we made our clients with a new strategy successful. #futurebuilt your digital coach.

#digitalwellness 7 technique to be a trusted coach

read this great article about what we follow in our consultancy. #futurebuilt is happy to assist you in digital wellness of your mind for business transformation of your company.