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#gastronomy #digitaltransformation small steps mean the world for growth

Looking forward to telling you more about my xperience for a new enhanced digital customer journey for food lovers. Bernhard Kloucek made a big impact on Sales with small steps. Now we amplify this on another level through small and little steps into the digital world. What for a small client could be a leapfrog step, means the world to the employees and their revenue growth. Are you next in fascinating instead of selling? Join us on the journey to more sales. Contact us. #innovation #selling #digital #futurebuilt #ai

#agile #innovation #humanfirst #4gamechangers It always starts in your mind

No matter what size your company is, it starts with a culture change. Otherwise, digital transformation is not happening. If you start your journey that this thought into your consideration. Through our triple C concept, we coach you from start to finish of your first transformation project. It is a journey, not a destination. #blockchain #ai #iot #futurebuilt #sustainibility

#RPA#testautomation#apm#digitalwellness Bringing creativity back to humans.

If you place robots in your processes to replace daily tasks, you can free up your employees time to be more creative and focus on your client’s needs. Servicetrace GmbH and Thomas Rode presented yesterday in a midsized company what they could achieve. If you want to digitalize and refocus on what it really matters, then we should have a conversation in order to elaborate on how to help you on the digital transformation journey. With the sideeffect that you are complying to #gdpr and #sustainablity. Listen to my tips in the video below. #innovation#futurebuilt

#digitalwellness #RPA How to get creativity back in digitalisation

#rpa #digitalwellness #digital #innovation#futurebuilt visiting a client to enable his employees with creativity, as Robotics Process Automation (RPA) takes the repetitive task away from us human. It’s time to save time and be more efficient and let the human focus on the creative task that machines are not able to do. Thomas Rode your are my personal hero and coach. Thanks to Rudolf Kergassner from Servicetrace that made this possible. Looking forward to more engagements jointly. If you are interested in how RPA could be used for your company just comment below or contact me.

#digitalwellness #4gamechangers 20% more revenue through transformation of yourself?

#facination instead of selling? Coaching, Continuity, and building a community are very important pillars for the ransformation of your business. Bernhard Kloucek and myself we help companies to undertstand there is sometimes only little changes that have a big impact on the revenue. Joining forces will amplify your business. When are you getting coached from us? #innovation#futurebuilt#sustainablity

#digitalwellness #4gamechangers Triple C to your success

Do you fascinate or sell? We guarantee 20% of revenue growth for your business. Bernhard Kloucek and myself have proven in different sectors that there is so little to do that has a big impact. Now we are combining our forces to make even more out of it. Are you our next client? Coaching, Continuity and Community. The 3 C to your success. Contact us. #innovation#futurebuilt#4gamechangers#sustainablity.

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Are you still selling? Bernhard and myself are fascinating our clients with underlying support of digitalisation skills or tools. Are you a enterprise that would like a new business model and need to fascinate people instead of selling? Then we are the right team for you. Our client ranges from healthcare, retail, hospitality and restaurants. We very much look forward to fascinate you through digital skills and tools to make 20% more profit. Get your profit improved by two #4gamechangers speakers.

#digitalwellness Zukunftscafé Herzenwünsche

We discuss in german what’s the fuss all about Digitalisation and Sustainability. We in future episodes will discuss it from different angles and different views from guest and our own project. We do this through a lens of our partner Weitsicht – Büro für zukunftsfähige Wirtschaft.