#4gamechangers #digitalwellness a game changing xperience for any speaker.

Futurebuilt had the pleasure to be part of panel discussion the Super Portion Startup Power https://www.puls4.com/4GAMECHANGERS/Videos/4STARTUPS/Super-Potion-Startup-Power and the honor to present the Aquarius Project on the deep dive stage https://www.puls4.com/4GAMECHANGERS/Videos/4FUTURE/Water-for-everyone

Besides, it was for us maybe the greatest Networking event so far. Really the “who is who” was in the speaker area, Topic Europe meets Asia, was fantastic and the energizing spirit for getting to know people from all kind was an absolutely brilliant experience. Nina Kaiser with her Team did an outstanding job and puls4 created a format that will be copied in the future from other countries or any sort of event hosts. Tip of the day: Connecting with people is easy if you have a story to tell and willing to share it. Also, it is important to go with an open mind for new things, whether it is for technology or just new ways of thinking. For this, the imaginable happened. I met incredible people that I can continue to be in touch with to bring my favorite project forward. Selling through fascinating other people is the keyword and a portion of Social Selling. I would like to thank all the people I met at the event. Outlook: “Europe Strikes Back”! 31th March – 2nd April 2020! See you there.

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